The “Wilderness” Resort

I was going through the Blackboard page for my RMP class earlier this weekend, and I realized that I don’t really have an exact definition for “wilderness.” So, being the bright college student I am, I googled “wilderness.” I came across an interesting page. It was a dictionary site, or wikipedia. It was a resort, called “The Wilderness Resort”. A 600 acre waterpark resort located in Wisconsin Dells, the resort has beautiful views overlooking Lake Delton, eight total water parks, zipline tours, and an entire golf club. While looking at this resort, I wondered “What makes this resort a ‘wilderness’ resort?” The answer is absolutely nothing. You couldn’t walk 10 feet through this resort without finding something man-made, and there are people everywhere. The location is about 15 minutes off of the nearest interstate, and also minutes away from large shopping and dining districts. They continue to sell land and expand the attractions at the resort as well. Wilderness is supposed to be an area surrounded by nature, an uninhabited region. As nice as the resort is, the name does not fit the description. If you want to stay at the real wilderness resort, grab some gear and spend a night deep in the woods.


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