Going to Yellowstone

When I was younger (probably 10 or 11), my parents sent me on a science camp trip called Earth Explore. We traveled from Boston to Salt Lake City, Utah, and drove up to Yellowstone National Park. I honestly don’t remember much, but one thing I will always remember was Old Faithful. The geyser shot up like a cannon, spraying through the air like a cannonball hitting the ocean. It was such a beautiful sight, and so many people came from all over the world just to see that one moment. One moment was all it took for people to spend thousands of dollars. It’s things like this that really bring meaning to nature and wilderness. If Congress had given up Yellowstone to settlers, this beautiful work of nature might not be there anymore. There could be buildings, or dams, or factories throughout Yellowstone that would prevent us from seeing why national parks are so important to humans and animals. But to this day Yellowstone remains one of the greatest pieces of the world, and for that, we thank you Congress.




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