Mick Dodge

I’ve been watching The History Channel a little more lately because of this class. It really doesn’t show a lot of history material, but there are some great shows. One show, called “The Legend of Mick Dodge”, brings you into the life of a man living entirely off the land. His survival reminds me of when we talked about how the wilderness was an escape from the city and society in the old days. Mick is a loose-cannon who does what he desires, as long as it benefits himself in the long run. As crazy as they make him seem in the show, he actually seems very intelligent. He does not need things that we take for granted, such as running water or clean clothes. By trading with other people and learning more about his environment, he is able to live in the wilderness with very little problems. This is very interesting to me. As I said before, I’ve lived in the city my entire life, so seeing a man survive the way Mick Dodge does is absolutely astounding. I think I may continue to watch this show, and you should give it a try too.



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